Sam Worthington Icons & Other Graphics

Sam Worthington Icons (and Other Graphics)
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for all graphics of Sam Worthington and his movies

welcome to samw_icons...

...a place where you can dump all your Sam Worthington graphics, whether it's icons, gifs, headers, banners, wallpapers, mood themes..

everything Sam related is welcome: shoots, movies, shows.. but all we want to see here is Sam! (duh) so no Terminator icons without Marcus Wright in them (for example)

some rules;
x icons should fit LJ standards
x you're allowed (even encouraged) to post up to 3 icons as teasers, the rest goes under a cut (whether a real or fake one)
x thumbnail larger graphics (such as headers or walls)
x only 1 gif is allowed as a teaser, the rest goes under a cut
x play nice and fair, but that should be a given
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